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Below you will find the latest information regarding the whereabouts of former colleagues and friends who have served on 'A' Division.

(Items will be left on this page for reasons of continuity and general historical information).

Email to Terry Brooks re Ex PC 498'A' Bill Anderson (POW) (Oct 06)

To: Terry Brooks
Subject: Re: How are you and yours From POW.

 Hi Terry havent got your e mail addy so will just send the cheap way.  Bill had a stroke 5 years ago and then developed emphasema and parkinson so is not a very happy wee lad.  We are living down in Bognor Regis W. Sussex. Bill has great trouble getting around even tho we have a wheelchair etc he has not much strenght.  As you can guess I am his carer, our daughter Linda had breast cancer and then last Christmas had a stroke, right side just like Bill so we have had a lot of fun lately, she is doing just fine all that affected her was her speach, Bills blind in right eye and deaf in right ear but as I tell him HIS PENSION IS BETTER THAN MINE SO HE STAYS HERE well you have to laugh sometimes. Thanks for asking about Bill and please give our love to all the boys.

Eunice Anderson


Hello, my name is Michael MURPHY 

I was formerly P.C.466AD/160514 MURPHY, I served at Cannon Row between October 1969 and May 1986, whence I was posted to K district as P.C.660KF and served at Forest Gate Police Station until retirement on grounds of injury in September 1996.

May my details please be included in the Alpha Delta Plus database, I would be delighted to hear from any former officers that remember me. Thank you.

Michael Murphy,

email: murff466ad@hotmail.co.uk



October 2005

I was in the disabled parking lot waiting for my wife.  I gave up my bay for a new arrival.  We got talking, I found both the man and his wife very charming.  During our conversation, I was told that Ray Rouse ex A Division and oft times on 10 Downing Street, had been a neighbour of theirs.  I remembered Ray from my stints back at AD, when Parliament was on holiday.  They tell me that Ray now lives in the USA and is on the Princess Cruise Liners where he is Director of Cruising. Ray was of course well known for his many appearances on 'Come Dancing' as part of the famous and highly successful Peggy Spencer Formation Dancing Team.

 I also learnt that the husband having had a course on the latest Radar was not allowed to fly as Rear Gunner over Germany, but was sent to Coastal Command in that capacity  They were on square Searches and anti submarine searches having a deal of success. This entailed twice having to ditch on their way back due engine or fuel trouble.  I told them about Roger Hunter (see our memorial board) who before the War was open Police Heavyweight Champion and who was the Pilot of the Short Sunderland in the Ministry of Information Film "Coastal Command".  He had seen this film and was sorry to learn that Roger lost his life during the conflict.
Cheers Terry Brooks Ex PC 154A/138932

Terry is in The Princess Royal University Hospital, Farnborough, Kent. (Surgical Ward 1.) He is finally having the operation to his knees. They have fused his left femur to his tibia and put a bolt into the leg. This leaves it permanently stiff so they have set it at an angle of about 10 degrees to make it easier for him to sit, get into car, etc. Ron James and myself visited him on Monday 16th June, and he seemed very cheerful. The bolt has to be tightened each day for several weeks, but as they are short on beds, Terry reckons they will send him home soon! He will be living downstairs for some weeks, and as his computer is upstairs, out of reach, he will be unable to correspond by this means.

Vic Potter Ex PC 504'A'/143818

Update 2005: Terry now back at home after several surgeries and ticking over nicely (not bad for an old prop forward!)

I attended the sad funeral of young Jimmy Spellman on Friday 21st February 2003. Son of a great friend.
Whilst there I again met up with our dear old friend and golf companion, who supported all POW GOLF SOCIETY events i.e. Carlyon Bay Hotel several times and almost every event we staged.
I talk of Jim Spellman from MD Southwark who wished to be remembered to All ex POW Golfers. He particularly mentioned Phil Cowper, Peter Feltham, Percy Beard, Brian Howes and Pat Rooney, who I was able to tell him, now lives in Mauritius.

He and I reminisced over our Tour to La Brertesch when Jim drove Brian to St. Nazare Hospital, after his collapse with shellfish poisoning in Guerande, when we were guided all the way by a very kind Breton.
I wrote a letter in school boy french to Journal Ouest, as the man did not stop for us to thank him. It was published under the headline "Entente Cordial."

Jim is now at last retired and lives in Matfield Kent. Due to lots of work required at his and Joyce's cottage Jim has not played golf for the last two years.

Terry Brooks Ex PC 154 A 138932.
email: tvbrooks@pgen.net

January 2003

Have received Xmas cards from an 'Oldie' Ex Pc. 288'A' 'Bill'
Woodster aged 92 yrs who served at 'AD' 1935 to 1942 and Ex Pc.'Bob' Holt
Wt.No. 127926 who lives at Morden Park (Does not give his Div. No.).
Unfortunately it appears that they are not on computers , so no Email.
will have to reply by letter. (Bugger!)(sic)
Cheers for now. Regards George Sharp
Ex PC 149 'A'/121517
email: geosharp@xtra.co.nz

Just for information.P.C. DONALD BOURN known as 'The Brigadier'? I believe now an American Citizen, is recovering from surgery in a home in Florida.

Albert Lewis, Ex PC 390'A'/139138

From Len Woodley writing on behalf of Ex PC 112'A' John Bailey.
Alpha Delta Plus,
Regarding above named ex Met P.C. I have been chatting to him and he mentions that on his relief in the mid 1950s he served with Stewart Dean. He was, I believe the first Met P.C. for a long, long time to dare to have a beard. He has a copy of the Daily Sketch, (whatever happened to that newspaper?) which has a photograph of Stewart and states that he was asked to resign because he would not shave it off. I suppose now he would say that the punishment infringed his human rights. I seem to remember the brou-haha about this. Is it correct that Stewart Dean was asked to resign, and if so what became of him?
Still trying to get a photograph of John Bailey for your website.
Len Woodley - ex Thames Valley.
email: len.woodley@btopenworld.com

Alpha Delta Plus,
Having been a Chief Inspector and Superintendent in A8(1) public order at NSY I was very aware of AD and in particular the staff of ceremonial office,Bruce Peardon,Sioban Clark,Alec the Inspector and the rest of the gang. Moving into the old AD from CD I took over from Peter Marsh. George Howlet QPM was the Commander who I knew quite well as we were both at the Training School together, he as the Superintendent and myself as an Inspector. The move to the new AD went very well and we had a massive reunion held in the Banqueting Hall in Whitehall when we closed the old nick down. We shared the new Station with Bomb Squad people and 8 Area HQ. The new Station was officially opened by the then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who did us proud and spoke to all the Officers she met. The demos outside South Africa House were a pain every Friday evening and we must have arrested hundreds in the time I was there. Most weekends there were demos and it was rare to have a complete weekend off duty. I handed over the reins to Tom Laidlaw and left the first floor of AD and went to I think the 4th becoming Ch Supt Ops 8 area. The staff in 8 area ops was the same as for AD ceremonial so it was a excellent working team. The professionalism and dedication of the staff saw us through many sticky times dealing with major demos and disturbances in central London as well as all the Royalty stuff. AD was good fun with some first class people there with whom it was a pleasure to serve. I did think it odd that with a new Police Station on the embankment they then built ChX in the Strand. AD had to expand its boundaries or be closed and the powers that be decided to close the nick with its brand new communication and cell complex. I left the job in 1989 and returned to South Wales working with MOD in that department that no one talks about. Now retired at last and very involved with Welsh Mets Association where we have some 70 members all ex Met Officers ,wives,widows,widowers etc. I am a member of Porthcawl Male Voice Choir, play golf and also a member of the local Town Council having been Mayor of Porthcawl in the year 2000." its all go"
David Richards
Ex Ch/Supt 147320 'A'
email: drichards@nascr.net

Alpha Delta Plus,
I came across your website quite by chance. I am a retired Thames Valley Policeman in contact with an ex-member of the Metropolitan Police. His name is John Bailey and he joined the Met in January, 1954. After training at Hendon he was posted to Cannon Row where he served for two years before transferring to Bucks Constabulary, later Thames Valley Police. He was one of the photographers of the Great Train Robbery in 1963 and in fact photographed many murders and other incidents. He has asked me to write down his story. John was P.C. 112 'A', he can't remember his warrant number,'old men forget...' after all he is now 70 years of age. If anyone recalls John can they please contact him via my email address. (John is still using semaphore flags).

Len Woodley,
email: len.woodley@btopenworld.com

Email received October 27th 2002 from Allison, Terry Brook's,Daughter:

Alpha Delta Plus,

Sent on behalf of Terry Brooks, who is unable to use his computer.

He may have to have two more operations to complete an arthrodesis (fusing of the femur and tibia). The doctors hope that the bones may fuse by themselves and will re-examine Terry in December to determine whether or not an operation is necessary.


Allison Brooks.

Our intrepid reporter Ex PC 154 'A' Terry Brooks has some difficulty in getting around due to severe knee problems. He will be returning for further surgery on 25th July 02. Alpha Delta Plus has a great deal to thank Terry for. Not only for his entertaining contributions but also his fantastic efforts publicising the site among his many friends and acquaintances. Thanks Terry for all your help and we wish you a speedy recovery.


Ron and his Wife Kathy are living in West Sussex. Ron is now 87. Both his son and daughter, were at University and got good degrees. His son is an Education Consultant and is at present in Canada, recruiting teachers for the U.K. Unfortunately Ron has recently had a stroke, but can converse very well indeed. He enjoys a good chat and can be contacted on 01903 262962.

Terry Brooks PC154A /138932.

May 2002:From Eunice Anderson Wife of Bill Anderson (ExPOW PC)
Sorry to have to tell you Bill has had a stroke and is in St. Richards Hospital he will be on the stroke ward by Monday, he is getting excellent treatment but will be there for some weeks to come, it is very lonely but thank God we have Linda and her GANG just around the corner from us a 'phone call yesterday and they were here in a cloud of dust and have been with me ever since, kids are wonderful.

Between March 1961 and June 1963 I served with colleagues Dave Drake, Mark Ford, Mike Jones, Graham Darke, Jeremy Taylor, and Angus Mcdonald. Dave Drake came from Southend.Graham Darke, I believe rose to senior rank as did PC215 Jeremy Taylor ex Harrow Public School who finished up on the Special Branch.Would love to hear from them.
Brian Berry Ex PC 160 'A'/149658
email: brian@cunliffeberry.fsnet.co.uk

Can you help?
Ex PC 197'A' Rod DEACON now living in British Columbia, Canada is trying to trace his Best Man and good friend BOB PARKIN. See his entry in the 'Contact Messages' section.
Ex PC 665'A' Raymond BRASSELL also living in BC, Canada! (Tell us what the secret is lads) is trying to locate good friend Gordon BROOKS. See his entry in The Visitors Book.


Latest info. David 'Russ' Conway Ex PC 291 'A' now living in Australia. Would love to here from ex colleagues and friends that knew him at AD or POW between 1963 & 1976. His email address is: drconway@optusnet.com.au

December 2001
I heard from Bill Anderson via e mail address ejan@btinternet.com . He is somewhat house bound, but in good spirits. He is enquiring for phone number of Mick Purcell, with whom he joined the Met along with Sean Casey, all from the Palestine Police. Bill has a cateract problem and a non cancerous prostate problem and finds it difficult to get about. He is as bright as a button and wishes to be remembered to all his old colleagues he knew you were 635A . On the ball eh!
I've given him and Eunice our web site address. They live in Bognor Regis near one of their daughters. I've also given it to Alan Chalky White, who is looking for his old pal Geoff Land, the photographer, with whom he worked at our A Div dinners.
Regards Terry Brooks Ex 154 'A'

As of September 2001

Jim Leslie who joined the job a few years before the war, travelled down from his native Dundee as a deck hand on a potato ship to London. Served in A Division from leaving Training School until he retired. He was very fit cycling to fro from his house in Petts Wood to the shops regularly. Jim still lives in Petts Wood with his dear wife Annie. He has a daughter who works in Hospital Administration I believe. He has a grandson in the C.I.D. at Streatham & Brixton a busy man. Jim for years kept in contact with his old Pals Bert Treeby & John Crossley and many others. He wrote to all the widows of old colleagues e.g. Mrs Cundy wife of Bill. Unfortunately most have past on. Jim is 89 now and has a prostate problem and also severe pain in the shoulders. He is cheerful despite this and still manages to cycle to the shops.

On 18th September 2001 a get together at Millie Chenery's house took place, As 405A Fred Bowyer formerly of AD & AH late 50's was visiting with his wife Judith. They live in Gladstone Queensland. Their old pals Bert Ryder & Jean, Jim Barbour & Beryl, Mike Stokvis, Renie & myself Terry Brooks were there. Bert & Jean live in Putney Bert is a real Old Purleian, I only played rugger for them. Jim and Beryl live in Essex, Mike lives in Orpington. Mike & Jim regularly get a game of golf in together. For those of you who don't know dear old Hugh (Harry) Chenery died of leukaemia last year. He is sorely missed.

Mick Bob Purcell & Vera still lives in Bexleyheath but Mick unfortunately has Altzhiemers.(See update on Obituary Page)

Roy Stead & Margaret still lives in Bahia Grande Mallorca but Roy has severe heart trouble.

Bob Frith D.S.M. & Valerie live in Yapton West Sussex Bob is well Val is not strong.

Pete & Jan Dickens live in Hythe Hants. Pete has mild diabetes. Jan needs another new knee.

Percy & Thelma Beard live at Ringwood Hants opposite the golf course. Both are well.

Jim Fox & his wife are well and are on the net, but for the moment are away on holiday.



Roy McAuliffe & Annie are in good health. Roy has recently retired from being the Hotelling Manager for Bromley & District Health Care Trust. Annie works as a nurse, for the same Trust I believe. Roy is doing some Victim Support work.

Tony McConnon is well and still employed as a Judicial Doorkeeper. I last saw him along with Ron & Pam James, Mike & Evelyn Chapman, Roy McAuliffe, Vic Potter (who has a minor prostate tumour); when we all met for a reunion, with Winston & Eleanor Armstrong who were over from Adelaide, South Australia. (Winston has had some heart trouble but is his cheerful self. They were about to go to Ireland and whilst there visit Terry & May Peeters, who are both well and living in Wexford, where Cromwell's men murdered the Nuns. Cromwell called them off and punished them, but he never lived it down.

197A Ray & Vera Brassel live on Vancouver Island. Ray was my best man in 1956. He was at the time an atheist. Imagine my surprise, when some years later, he turned up at my door with a dog collar on. He was a vicar in London Ontario and lastly at Calgary. Vera worked as a secretary for Clarkson Gordon, Canada, a former subsidiary of my firm Ernst & Young.

Speaking of Ernst & Young my boss and friend there, was Rodney Robson Chief of Security. I was his deputy. Rod has retired and lives in Sidcup. His wife Janet is a Blue Badge guide some times visits Parliament. Rod worked at P.O.W. with me in the late 50s early 60s.

Charlie Brooker unfortunately died earlier this year. He was a very good Artist and had an interesting career. When he was nearly 16 he joined the Merchant Navy. This was in 1940. On his first trip, when he was just turned 16, his ship was torpedoed in the Atlantic. "Northern Star" I think was her name. Charlie & some of the crew rowed for eight days, in an open boat towards the Irish Coast. All taking their turn. Cold and starving they finally landed in Eire. After questioning, they were released over the border as they were not combatants. Had they been R.N. Internment would have followed, as with German Navy, Luftwaffe and R.A.F. , personnel. Charles went back to sea again. After the war Charles joined the Met Police and later met Paddy a nurse, when he was training at Hendon, who was to become his wife. As the pay of Nurses & Policemen was so poor(4pounds per week), he rejoined the Merchant Navy in order to get sufficient money to marry. Three years later Paddy became ill and Charles was reluctant to return to sea, so he decided to stay home, to be close to her. He rejoined the Met Police He was I by now First Mate. He was about to sit his Masters Certificate at the time. They were married before he left the sea. He remained in the job until retirement and spent that as accomplished Full time Artist. He was a member of the Marine Artists Society and also had pictures exhibited by the Royal Society of Oil Painters. Paddy has several paintings of his at discount and at least two are of Parliament. You can see others not at discount, though very nice at www.theartshopper.com search by the name Charles Brooker. Paddy can be reached at 0182571 2604. In I think October around 13th a symphony Concert by the East Grinstead Synphonia, was be held in his honour at his parish church St. James the Less at Nutley Sussex. From whence his funeral service took place. The collection at this service amounted to 700 pounds. 350 pounds to Rwanda Self Help Fund and 350 pounds to the Church. A further 250 pounds was realised from the profits of the concert, this also going to the church. It was great to see Mike Ackhurst at the funeral. He is well and looked no different, living in Sussex near Paddy. Roy McAuliffe, Mike Chapman, I, Bert Ryder & Jean all met up at Charles' funeral .

Good to see you again Mickers. He does a lot for Charity and is still in touch with Ray Kindly his fellow singer and Guitarist. (Update:Sadly Mike died of throat cancer early in November 2001 see Obituaries).

Ian & Pauline Cook M.B.E. are well. Still live in Greenford Middx. Ian still does his bit for Essex Air Ambulance. We last met with him when Doug Atherton, Don Jeffrey, Don Hipkin along with serving officers Ian Rolfe, Gordon Elmer and others,were at Len Coles funeral. Such a loss is old Len. A great wit, with a laconic sense of humour. His wife Freda is back living in Lee, Blackheath. Richard one of his sons lives nearby at Eltham.

John Alliston & Helen live in Bridgend and are well. They were at Paddy Steve Powers wife Helen's funeral in Irchester Northants, where dear old Steve lives. He like me is crippled with old Rugger Injuries. We both played until early 40s in age. Stupid we have both advised all we meet to pack up at 25.

John Gaulton was at the reunion at P.O.W. earlier this year, and tells me he is selling the famous Robert's Oyster Bar in Blackpool, as his son does not appear interested . A pity, because it's been owned and managed by John's family for several generations. It is where the politicians dine, when the conferences are in Blackpool.

What of Ray & Maureen Ware also Ken Haywood both of whom worked for Hansard after they left the job? Ray and Maureen are well and live at St. Sampsons Guernsey. Ken, when last I heard, was not well and was living in Bromley Kent.

Sammy & Joan Main are well and also living in Bromley. Unfortunately Sam gave me the wrong e mail address, so if any one sees him, put him in the picture please. Alan Bain was also at the Reunion with Sammy, along with Jock Whyte who still lives in Plymouth with his wife Doreen. Jim Fitzgerald was there too. He lives in Oxborough, Norfolk and is well despite the sad loss of Pam his first wife and Judy (McCauley from New Jersey a great friend to Renie & I), Jim's second wife.

Pete Wyborn and the delightful Carol still live in Welling, Kent. I see them at least once a year. He is working for solicitors and acts as a sort of Brief. One villain was heard to say "ere mate you're brief was old Bill, he nicked me years ago, when he worked at Carter Street". Andrew their son, is almost a scratch golfer and works with his dad.

Pete Feltham is well and in contact with me. He still lives in Stoneleigh. Phil Cowper the great golfer and a good pal of mine and Pete, especially when we had played badly at La Bretesch, he took us on the practice ground and improved us no end. Phil and family are well and live near Imber Court. His son is a golf pro and has played on the circuit.

Russ Gilbert also a good golfer, but who suffers as I do now, from adhesions from operation scars. Now lives in Hastings. I Know Not Where.

John Holley and his Wife Jean are fit and well and living in The Highlands of Scotland in Ballater, Aberdeenshire close to Balmoral Castle. They freely admit to being 'weather wimps' and spend their winters in Florida each year.

Joe Ziedler and family are well and like Dave Sheehan and family visit Mike & Jean Thornton who are also very well and live in Calpe, Alicante. They kindly look over my flat after a storm and put in train any repairs considered necessary.

Prinn & that very nice man Ken who joined us from H division, are I am told well and are still living in Bexley. Though Nick has not been seen since he left the job. Ken has been at Reunions. I apologise Ken but I've forgotten your surname.

That is about the sum total of my knowledge. So if anyone else can help in this direction, please contact John Holley our esteemed Host via E mail.Submit your contributions to him at alphadeltaplus@btopenworld.com, alphadeltaplus@hotmail.com or via the 'Input'link on each page of the web site.

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